Managing Millennials

Learn How to Quickly Get 94% of Millennials On Board... 

Within 10 minutes you'll discover: 

1. How to motivate Millennials 

2. What is the best mode for interaction

3. How to handle reviews

4. A simple skill to gain Millenial's trust

5. Create leaders fast 

Not understanding millennials is costing your company. Developing and retaining these ambitious youngsters is critical to making your business flourish.

This free guide will give you 15 essential tips for hiring, developing, and keeping millennial employees. It includes insights into the psychology and trends of millenials in the workforce. Each point highlights essential adaptations that will support the growth of your business.

Turn Millennials Into Your Best Asset 

Hire the employees that you want

Understand the millennial cohort and what they are looking for in an employer.

Millennial turnover costs the U.S. Economy $35 Billion/annually

This generation is not afraid to change companies! Learn what will make millennials stick with you. 

Learn how to capitalize on Millennial's assets

Millennial employees can transform your company-If you implement the skills to support them.

Watch your business flourish

Hiring, developing, and keeping millennials puts your business on the path to large scale success.


I know what it’s like to build things from the ground up, I did it first with myself. I was told I wouldn’t graduate high school. I was 360lbs, had a broken back, and was laughed at when I said I wanted to run a marathon. I was told I was in the wrong field to make a living. Fast forward 10 years and I've competed in over 30 ultra marathons and am now a successful Leadership Performance Coach. My first 6 figure business was right out of grad school, I'm host of a #1 podcast, and I've influenced and elevated thousands of people. I teach leaders limitations are nothing more than mindset, and that when one person feels empowered they can transform an entire business. I'm the Founder of the 361 Leadership Program, where I cover leadership development and team scaling, and I'm creator of Healthy Perspectives Magazine. 

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